2014 Rule and Policy Changes

Pit Passes: Effective beginning with the May race, the price for non-driver insurance bands (pit passes) will be $12 per person instead of the previous $10.

Rain Races: 100 Bonus points will be awarded to all drivers competing in any SDKA event officially declared as a "rain race" by the race director. This is a brand new policy effective beginning with the May race.

Events Scored Toward Championship: The policy for the number of events scored toward championships was changed to ... NO drops for 9 or fewer events held in the season; 1 drop for 10 or more events held in the season.

New Class:  TaG Cadet (Mini Rok) added to the official 2014 classes. The class follows SKUSA rules and the spec tire is MG HZ (red).

Spec Tires:  Bridgestone is the spec tire for Kid and Junior classes with exception of TaG Cadet as noted above; both YLC and YKC are allowed. Vega FH was added to the club tire options for Senior classes (the three club options are Maxxis SLR, Bridgestone YLC/YKC, Vega FH). MG SK and MG FZ are still options for the Shifter classes only.

Weight Change:  Stock 125cc Shifter Heavy weight was reduced to 405 lbs to align with SKUSA.

Age Adjustment:  Rookie Comer Restricted local option added – If age 11 on January 1st, may complete the season at 12 years of age.

Entry Fees:  Member entry raised to $80; Kid Kart entry raised to $50.

Required Track Setups/Teardowns:  Increased from 4 to 5 to qualify for year end championship awards (any combination of 5 setups and/or teardowns). We need your help to setup and tear down the races at Qualcomm. Remember to sign the clipboard in the tech trailer to get your service credits.